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AWS Site-to-Site VPN 介紹與部署經驗

AWS Site-to-Site VPN(S2S VPN) 主要是用來給地端 ↔ 雲端的連線,採用 IPSec 協定。一個 S2S VPN 連線支援兩條通道,強烈建議客戶端同時要有兩條連線以確保高可用性,如果客戶只有建立一條通道連線,會收到警告通知信,但不影響使用。

AWS CloudWatch Alarm 計算方式

計算方式不難,但官方文件卻把簡單的事情寫的很複雜,每次要用到重看都得看很久。趁最近又理解了一次,趕快寫下來。基本概念:會以 M out of N 方式來設定何時要觸發警告,比如說 2 out of 3 代表查看最近的 3 個 datapoint。

Lambda Log Parser Vs Athena Log Parser in AWS WAF Automation

If you want to enable HTTP flood protection or Scanner & Probe protection in AWS WAF Automations, both of them have these 2 log parser options: 1. AWS Lambda log parser 2. Amazon Athena log parser Now, you may want to know what are the differences between them? Basically, you can choose from 2 aspects:

Set Up NGINX Reverse Proxy for WebSocket Application in Elastic Beanstalk

It’s possible to use multiple ports on Elastic Beanstalk (EB) via ebextensions. According to the proxy server configuration document [2], I did some tests and the configuration below works in my environment.